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Afghan Taliban Officials In Pakistan To Discuss 'Peace Talks' And the Arrest Of Key Taliban Leaders

Taliban militants appear at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan. Reuters

Reuters: Afghan Taliban envoys in Pakistan to discuss possible peace talks: official

A delegation from the Taliban's political office visited Pakistan over the weekend, senior officials said on Saturday, for discussions that could include the latest informal effort to restart talks to end Afghanistan's long war.

The visit comes days after Taliban sources said they had held informal meetings with Afghan and U.S. officials in Qatar, the first direct meetings in more than a year after a fledgling process to halt the 15-year-old conflict collapsed.

Taliban sources said Mullah Abdul Manan - brother of the late Taliban founder Mullah Omar - met with U.S. and Afghan officials but there was no breakthrough toward restarting formal talks.

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WU Editor: I am sceptical on these "peace talks", and as for this Taliban delegation meeting Pakistani officials, I think it is more to do with Pakistan arresting some of the Taliban leaders that has forced them to meet Pakistani government officials .... Pakistan: Afghan Taliban delegation to discuss peace, arrests (Indian Express). More here on these arrests .... Taliban delegation arrives in Pakistan to 'discuss arrests of key members' (Express Tribune).

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Is Friday's Massive Cyber Attack A 'Practice Run For Election Day'

Daily Mail: Massive cyber hack that floored Amazon, Twitter, HBO and Reddit could be 'practice for election day': Wikileaks supporters among those claiming responsibility for massive security breach - and many fear it is just a warm-up

* Cyber attacks forced websites including Amazon and Twitter offline
* Github, SoundCloud and PayPal websites were also reported to be down
* Outage appeared to be primarily affecting web users on the US East Coast
* Department of Homeland Security is 'investigating all potential causes'
* Some claim it could be a precursor to an attempt to disrupt the US Presidential election further
* WikiLeaks believes its supporters were responsible for the attacks
* Group called New World Hackers also claimed responsibility via Twitter

A massive co-ordinated series of cyber attacks forced hundreds of major websites including Amazon and Twitter offline Friday - and some fear the security breach could be 'practice for election day'.

WikiLeaks believes its supporters were responsible and urged them to 'stop taking down the US internet', saying: 'Mr Assange is still alive and WikiLeaks is still publishing.'

It then tweeted: 'The Obama administration should not have attempted to misuse its instruments of state to stop criticism of its ruling party candidate.'

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WNU Editor: Thew daily Mail is actually raising a good question .... is "this a test for what may happen on election day in the U.S."?

Venezuela Halts Presidential Recall Effort

DW: Venezuela's opposition plans mass protests after government blocks recall referendum

The aim of the recall was to force President Nicolas Maduro to leave office before his mandate expires in 2019. Unless he is toppled during mass protests, Maduro now appears likely to finish his term in office.

Venezuela's political opposition is gearing up for massive street protests next week after the Socialist government blocked a referendum drive aimed at recalling President Nicolas Maduro.

The right-of-center opposition, the Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD), also known as the Democratic Unity Roundtable, called for nationwide demonstrations from next Wednesday to protest the government's annulment of a key phase of the referendum process.

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Venezuelan Electoral Panel Halts Effort to Recall President Nicolás Maduro -- NYT
Venezuelans warn of 'dictatorship' after officials block bid to recall Maduro -- The Guardian
Recall of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro postponed -- UPI
Venezuela Braces for Turbulence After Recall Is Stalled -- NYT/AP
Venezuela halts effort to recall president -- CNN
Venezuela opposition accuses government of 'coup' -- BBC
It’s official: Venezuela is a dictatorship -- Francisco Toro, Washington Post

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- October 21, 2016

Eli Lake, Bloomberg: The Philippines Just Blew Up Obama's Asia Pivot

Does anyone remember President Barack Obama's pivot to Asia? The plan was to focus diplomatic and military assets in East Asia to contain a rising China. It was one of the reasons Obama said he was shrinking the American footprint in the Middle East.

Well, the pivot is failing. On Thursday, the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, announced to an audience at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing a "separation" with the U.S. "America has lost now,” he said. "And maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world: China, Philippines and Russia. It’s the only way."

Two things should be said here.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- October 21, 2016

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced his 'separation' from the US — here's what that means -- Elena Holodny, Business Insider

U.S. warship challenges China's claims in South China Sea -- Idrees Ali and Matt Spetalnick, Reuters

China May Be Rising, But America Is Not in Retreat -- Rajan Menon, National Interest

What Is the Islamic State Without a State? -- Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

Are Turkey and Iraq Headed for War in Mosul? -- Zalmay Khalilzad, National Interest

Lebanon is a sectarian nation, yet it has avoided civil war while the Middle East burns – here's why -- Robert Fisk, The Independent

How Yemen’s war is now threatening international trade -- Amal Nasser, Al-Monitor

Opinion: Iran Nuke Deal Will Spawn More Proxy Attacks Like The Ones In Yemen -- Capt. Sean R. Liedman USN (Retired), USNI News

Lebanese oligarchy preserves its interests once again -- Rami G Khouri, Al Jazeera

China's failed South Korea embrace -- J Berkshire Miller, Al Jazeera

Americans are still dying in Afghanistan. Clinton and Trump are ignoring it. -- Yochi Dreazen, VOX

The threat from Russia -- The Economist

Think Canada is a progressive paradise? That’s mooseshit -- Jesse Brown, The Guardian

Why Today’s Attacks on the Internet Are Just the Start -- Kevin Beaumont, Daily Beast

U.S. Destroyer Challenges China's Claims In The South China Sea

Reuters: U.S. warship challenges China's claims in South China Sea

A U.S. navy destroyer sailed near islands claimed by China in the South China Sea on Friday, drawing a warning from Chinese warships to leave the area.

The U.S. action was the latest attempt to counter what Washington sees as Beijing's efforts to limit freedom of navigation in the strategic waters, U.S. officials said.

The Chinese Defense Ministry called the move "illegal" and "provocative," saying that two Chinese warships had warned the U.S. destroyer to leave.

The guided-missile destroyer USS Decatur challenged "excessive maritime claims" near the Paracel Islands, among a string of islets, reefs and shoals over which China has territorial disputes with its neighbors, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

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WNU Editor: The Chinese are not pleased .... China protests 'illegal,' 'provocative' U.S. South China Sea patrol (Reuters)

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US Navy destroyer conducts operation in South China Sea -- FOX News/AP
U.S. destroyer challenges China's claims in the South China Sea -- Navy Times
South China Sea: US sails warship near disputed islands -- BBC
US destroyer sails in South China Sea to make a point -- CNN
South China Sea: US warship challenges Beijing's territorial claims with freedom of navigation exercise -- ABC News Online
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‘Illegal & provocative’: US destroyer sails through contested waters amid Chinese warnings -- RT

Russian Warships Leave The English Channel

Daily Mail: Watch out Russians - a firebreathing Dragon is coming to get you! State-of-the-art Royal Navy destroyer is on its way to make sure Putin's attack fleet leave English Channel

* HMS Dragon was seen leaving Portsmouth Harbour to keep an eye on the Russian vessels
* The Admiral Kuznetsov passed the Dover Strait shortly before lunch on its way to attack jihadis in Syria
* The powerful Russian fleet was ordered to travel though the English Channel's shipping lanes in single file
* The Royal Navy and Nato allies are keeping the Russian carrier fleet under close observation
* Putin has recalled two corvettes from the Mediterranean to divide the Royal Navy's response to his fleet
* Russians have mocked Royal Navy as 'weak' and claimed Britain 'overreacted' by deploying warships

A state-of-the art destroyer has been dispatched to join Royal Navy ships monitoring Russian warships who are on their way to the Mediterranean.

HMS Dragon was earlier seen leaving Portsmouth Harbour to keep an eye on the Russian vessels sailing down the English Channel.

The Type 45 HMS Dragon and a number of other Royal Navy ships are taking part in the man-marking exercise.

The Russian carrier fleet that passed through the English Channel today deployed heavily-armed guards to deter anyone approaching the warships.

HMS Dragon is the fourth of the Royal Navy's six Type 45 air defence destroyers and was launched in November 2008.

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Russian warships filmed off coast of Britain as Royal Navy shadows Syria-bound vessels through English Channel -- The Telegraph
Russian warships in English Channel ‘a smokescreen to distract world from more important military deployments’ -- The Independent
Russian Warships Sail Through English Channel -- WSJ
Russian Carrier Is Bound for Syria, Flexing Muscle but Risking Malfunction -- New York Times
Russia’s Navy Deployed to Syria in Show of Force -- VOA
The Russian Navy's Great Mediterranean Show of Force -- Michael Kofman, National Interest
Russia sends warships toward Syria via the English Channel — and with them, a message -- Washington Post

Friday, October 21, 2016

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World News Briefs -- October 21, 2016

Al Jazeera: Iraq: Deaths as explosions, gunfire rock Kirkuk

ISIL claims responsibility for deadly attacks targeting buildings and a power station in and around oil-rich city.

ISIL fighters have attacked multiple targets in and around the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, in a major assault that appeared aimed at diverting Iraqi and Kurdish forces from a massive push against Mosul, the armed group's last major stronghold in Iraq.

The coordinated attacks began early on Friday when fighters armed with assault rifles and explosives attacked a power station and government buildings, including the police headquarters.

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Under fire in Mosul, IS attacks another Iraqi city.

Mosul battle: IS 'may use civilians as human shields'.

Suicide bombers target multiple sites in Iraq's Kirkuk.

Mosul: IS launches major counter-attack in Kirkuk; some 550 families used as human shields, UN says. Mosul battle: IS launches Iraq counter-attack at Kirkuk.

Iraqi advances give hope to displaced Christians.

Aleppo ceasefire at risk after Russia says all rebels can be eliminated.

Humanitarian pause in Aleppo extended for another 24 hours – Russian military.

UN Human Rights Council votes to open probe into Aleppo ‘war crimes’.

Turkey shells Kurdish fighters in Aleppo province.

Parties to Yemen war exchange accusations of breaching ceasefire.

Thousands march in Gaza in support of Islamic Jihad.


Seven Pakistan troops killed in Kashmir border fire: India.

Taliban envoys travel to Pakistan to discuss Afghanistan peace talks.

Pakistan: Many Afghan Taliban factions seem interested in peace talks with Kabul.

Philippine president says he won’t severe ties with U.S.. Philippines' Duterte says didn't really mean 'separation' from U.S..

Anti-U.S. protesters demand action after violent police response.

Filipinos favor US aid, leery of China.

US seeks clarity on Duterte 'separation' comments.

U.S. destroyer challenges China's claims in the South China Sea. South China Sea: US sails warship near disputed islands.

Pakistan bans all Indian TV and radio as tensions mount.

2020 Tokyo Olympics face vast cost overruns.

Yingluck Shinawatra: Thai junta fines former PM more than $1 billion over failed rice subsidy scheme.

Exclusive: U.N. chief mulls future in South Korea where he tops presidential polls.

Millions of Indian debit cards 'compromised' in security breach.


Bunkers and booby-traps as Islamic State makes a stand in Libya.

German NGO: 'Libyan Coast Guard' boat attacks migrant raft.

Burkina Faso: Coup attempt thwarted, says government. Burkina Faso foiled coup attempt in early October, minister says.

'Disappointment' as S. Africa joins Burundi in exiting ICC.

DR Congo opposition rejects bid to postpone poll to 2018.

Congo security forces killed dozens of anti-government protesters: U.N..

Egypt's fight against Islamic militancy makes enemies.

At least 53 people killed, nearly 300 injured in Cameroon train wreck. Cameroon train derails; at least 55 dead, hundreds injured.


Brussels bemoans Russian strategy to weaken EU, backs down on sanctions threat.

Brexit: France warns British PM Theresa May of tough time ahead in negotiations.

Exclusive: Parlez-vous Brexit? EU negotiator wants Brits to talk French.

EU deadlocked on CETA despite marathon talks.

New German intel law 'legalizes spying on population'.

Reshuffle looms as Greek PM, sagging in polls, seeks debt relief.

In Scotland, independence back on the agenda.

Muslims stage protest prayers near Rome's Colosseum.

Calais migrants: 'Jungle' closure to start on Monday, France says.


US internet repeatedly disrupted by cyberattacks on key firm. US cyber attacks hit Twitter, Netflix, other top websites.

Trump, Clinton spending furiously as Election Day nears.

Some opposition changes to Colombia peace deal 'inviable': president.

Venezuela on edge after anti-Maduro referendum blocked. Opposition cries dictatorship after Venezuela blocks recall.

Venezuelan court bans opposition leaders from leaving the country.

Peru's wealthy president mocked for complaining about salary.

State Department releases hundreds more pages of Clinton emails.

Ex-NSA worker accused of stealing secrets to stay in custody.

Janet Yellen could be on the verge of starting a 'civil war' at the Fed.

Ceta: EU 'not capable' of signing deal says Canadian minister.


Syria's Raqa next in line of anti-IS campaign.

US military reports 2 strikes against extremists in Yemen.

U.S. says it killed 8 al Qaeda-affiliated militants in Yemen.

UK Defense Secretary: Our military is hacking Islamic State.


EU-Canada trade deal in meltdown as Canadian minister walks out.

Rosneft CEO reveals real meaning of oil price war, outlines Russia’s role in it.

AT&T pushing for Time Warner deal by Monday to beat rivals.

Bombardier to cut 7,500 more jobs across its global operations.

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- October 21, 2016

Guided-missile destroyer USS Decatur (DDG-73) operates in the South China Sea on Oct. 13, 2016

DW: US destroyer patrols Chinese-claimed waters

Beijing lashed out at the US after an American warship sailed near disputed islands in the South China Sea, calling the US a "troublemaker." Two Chinese warships warned the US destroyer to leave the disputed area.

The US navy patrol near the Paracel Islands was "motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos," the Chinese Defense Ministry said in a Friday statement.

"This is serious illegal behavior, and is intentionally provocative behavior," the Beijing officials said, adding they had raised "serious" complaints with the US.

Earlier on Friday, US officials confirmed that their guided-missile destroyer USS Decatur conducted a so-called "freedom of navigation" exercise in the Chinese-claimed waters, aimed at challenging Beijing's territorial ambitions.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- October 21, 2016

U.S. Warship Conducts South China Sea Freedom of Navigation Operation -- USNI News

US destroyer sails in South China Sea to make a point -- CNN

China protests 'illegal,' 'provocative' U.S. South China Sea patrol -- Reuters

China deploys air force on disputed South China Sea island -- UPI

Chinese Navy Ships to Make First Port Call at Cam Ranh Bay -- AP

Turkey, Iraq reach agreement ‘in principle’ on Mosul, says US defense chief -- RUDAW

Pentagon chief to stress Iraq sovereignty in Turkey talks -- Reuters

Russian warships pass through English Channel -- BBC

Over 1 million Russians could be surveillance targets by year's end -- DW

Russian Black Sea Fleet to get two Varshavyanka subs Oct 25 and Nov 25 — manufacturer -- TASS

Polish Defense Chief Claims Egypt Sold Mistral Ships to Russia for $1 -- Sputnik

Kremlin says Egypt’s rumored sale of Mistrals for $1 is ‘utter nonsense’ -- TASS

India’s Nuclear Triad May Tip the Balance of Forces in the Indian Ocean -- Sputnik

Thales' Role in Indian Rafael Deal Boosts Order Book by €1.1B -- Defense News

NATO trains Afghan troops to make air strikes more accurate -- Reuters

US, South Korea Pledge Increased Maritime, Cyber Cooperation -- Defense News

US Reportedly Weighs Deploying B-52s, F-22s to South Korea --

Germany reforms its main intelligence service -- DW

Fear and 'Dreadnought': UK's New Nuclear Submarine Will 'Deter' Extreme Threats -- Sputnik

Air Force Advances Future Plans for the A-10 -- Scout Warrior

Army Evaluates New Shoulder-Fired Rocket Tech -- Defense Tech

New L-CAT Amphibious Craft Being Offered -- Defense News

NNSA, Pentagon Tracking Nuclear Infrastructure Bills -- Defense News

Top military doctor says trend toward overweight troops is troubling -- Military Times

Behind Tesla's Headlines, The Military Drives Autonomous Vehicles -- Forbes

'Prime Target': NSA Contractor to Be Detained Before Trial -- ABC News

Pentagon Pays $7 Million To Get Hacked Repeatedly -- Daily Caller

Ex-CIA chief: Russian hackers trying to 'mess with our heads' -- CNN

A Visit to the CIA’s “Secret” Abstract Art Collection -- HyperAllergic

Pentagon IDs Americans killed in Kabul -- The Hill

Soldiers Can Shoot, Not Smoke -- WSJ

Here are the biggest defense topics the presidential debates skipped -- Leo Shane III, Military Tim

Editor's Note

I am stuck in meetings today. Blogging will return later today. Military And Intelligence News Briefs and World News Briefs will be posted at 17:00 EST and 18:00 EST respectively.

Hillary Clinton: It Takes Four Minutes To Launch A Nuclear Missile Once The Order Has Been Given

CNN: Did Hillary Clinton reveal classified intel at debate?

Washington (CNN)The Twitterverse was aflame in the hours after Wednesday night's debate with questions about whether or not Hillary Clinton divulged classified information about the country's nuclear arsenal.

"There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so," Clinton said, explaining the quick decision-making required of a commander in chief and questioning Donald Trump's fitness for the job.

"And that's why 10 people who have had that awesome responsibility have come out and, in an unprecedented way, said they would not trust Donald Trump with the nuclear codes or to have his finger on the nuclear button," she continued.

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WNU Editor: I thought (and what I have read in the past) .... is that it takes two minutes from the moment of giving the order to the launch.

Massive Cyber Attack On Major Web Sites Being Reported This Morning

Here's a map of outages as of 9:20 a.m. ET, via Level3

Wall Street Journal: Denial of Service Web Attack Affects Amazon, Twitter, Others

Such attacks can knock sites offline by flooding them with junk data, blocking the way for legitimate users

Several websites including Twitter and Tumblr were unreachable for many internet users Friday morning following an online attack.

Web technology provider Dyn said its domain name system, or DNS, service was subject to a massive distributed denial of service attack. Denial of service attacks can knock websites offline by flooding them with junk data, blocking the way for legitimate users. Dyn’s DNS services are a key part of the digital supply chain that allow web addresses— for instance—to take users to the infrastructure that hosts them.

“We began monitoring and mitigating a DDoS attack against our Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure” beginning at 7:10 a.m. Eastern time on Friday, the Web service said on its status website. “Some customers may experience increased DNS query latency and delayed zone propagation during this time.”

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More News On A Massive Cyber Attack On Major Web Sites Being Reported This Morning

Twitter and Much of The Internet Suffered a Meltdown on Friday -- Fortune
A major problem with the internet is preventing some websites from loading -- Business Insider
Internet Service Disrupted in Large Parts of Eastern U.S. -- Bloomberg
This Is Probably Why Half the Internet Shut Down Today [Updating] -- Gizmodo
Here’s What’s Wrong With the Internet This Morning -- Time
Spotify, Twitter among major sites to suffer outages due to cyber-attack -- RT

Syrian And Russian Air Campaign Halt Extended For A Second Day

Reuters: Syrian army and Russian jets halt Aleppo bombardment for second day

Syria's army and Russia's air force halted their bombardment of rebel-held eastern Aleppo on Friday, a monitoring group said, on the second of four consecutive daytime unilateral ceasefires in the city that have been rejected by insurgents.

Heavy clashes took place in Aleppo during the night, outside the 11-hour periods during which the ceasefire is in place, Zakaria Malahifji, a rebel official with the Fastaqim group which is present in the city, said. He added that the bombardment overnight was lighter than it had been recently.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said there had been clashes overnight along frontline neighborhoods of rebel-held east Aleppo: in Jab al-Jalabi in the Old City, in al-Ithaa and in Salah al-Din. There were also clashes in Jamiat al-Zahraa in the government-held west of the city, the Observatory said.

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WNU Editor: I guess this can be viewed as a warning .... Syrian Army to Clear Aleppo of Militants After Humanitarian Pause (Sputnik).

More News For The Battle For Aleppo

Truce holds in Aleppo but UN delays evacuations -- AFP
Reports: Rebels refuse to leave eastern Aleppo -- USA Today
Al-Nusra Front & allies sabotage humanitarian aid delivery efforts to east Aleppo - Lavrov -- RT
UN: Security Concerns Prevent Aleppo Evacuations -- VOA
Syrian Government Opens New Aleppo Corridor for Evacuations -- AP/New York Times
Russia May Extend Humanitarian Pause in Aleppo for Several Days – Russian Senator -- Sputnik
UN rights chief denounces Aleppo raids as 'war crimes' -- Al Jazeera
Aleppo Is a ‘Slaughterhouse,’ Says U.N. Official Seeking War Crimes Inquiry -- NYT
Aleppo siege and air strikes are war crimes: U.N. rights boss -- Reuters
Merkel threatens sanctions on Russia over Aleppo bombing -- Reuters
British PM’s demand to sanction Russia derailed by Italy & others -- RT
Aleppo: Who still lives in this decimated city -- and why? -- Holly Yan and Eyad Kourdi, CNN
We live in Aleppo. Here’s how we survive. -- Omair Shaaban, Washington Post

The NSA Has More Access To Phone Data Than Ever Before

Credit: National Security Agency

ABC News: NSA Can Access More Phone Data Than Ever

One of the reforms designed to rein in the surveillance authorities of the National Security Agency has perhaps inadvertently solved a technical problem for the spy outfit and granted it potential access to much more data than before, a former top official told ABC News.

Before the signing of the USA Freedom Act in June 2015, one of the NSA's most controversial programs was the mass collection of telephonic metadata from millions of Americans — the information about calls, including the telephone numbers involved, the time and the duration but not the calls' content — under a broad interpretation of the Patriot Act's Section 215. From this large "haystack," as officials have called it, NSA analysts could get approval to run queries on specific numbers purportedly linked to international terrorism investigations.

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WNU Editor: On a side note, why does the U.S. have three cyber defense agencies? .... The US Needs One Cyber Defense Agency—Not Three, a Top NSA Official Says (Defense One).

U.S. Government Alleges Former NSA Contractor Stole 500 Million Pages Of Secrets Over 20 Years

Foreign Policy: Prosecutors Detail What May Be NSA’s Worst-Ever Security Breach

When the FBI announced earlier this month it had arrested NSA contractor Harold Martin, it was clear the American signals intelligence agency had suffered a huge breach of internal security. But no one imagined the staggering amount of information Martin allegedly amassed in his suburban Maryland home: a digital archive that may reach 500 million pages, much of it secret.

In a 12-page filing on Thursday, federal prosecutors presented their most detailed accounting so far of the classified material Martin allegedly accumulated over a two-decade career in government. It includes “specific operational plans against a known enemy of the United States” distributed on a “need to know basis” and “notes describing the NSA’s classified computer infrastructure” and operations.

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More News On The U.S. Government Alleging That A Former NSA Contractor Stole 500 Million Pages Of Secrets Over 20 Years

Government alleges former NSA contractor stole ‘astonishing quantity’ of classified data over 20 years -- Washington Post
Ex-NSA contractor committed 'breathtaking' theft of secrets, feds say -- AP
Prosecutors say NSA theft the largest of top secret materials in history -- UPI
NSA contractor to face espionage charges for alleged data theft -- Reuters
Feds: NSA contractor's secrets theft 'breathtaking' -- CNN
Prosecutors: NSA contractor's alleged theft 'breathtaking' in scope -- Baltimore Sun
Ex-NSA Contractor Stole at Least 500 Million Pages of Records and Secrets, U.S. Says -- WSJ
U.S. Calls Alleged Theft By NSA Contractor 'Breathtaking' In Longevity, Scale -- NPR
Feds: Massive data theft at NSA could bring espionage charges -- USA Today
Prosecutors say contractor stole 50 terabytes of NSA data -- ZDNet
NSA Contractor Stole 500Mln Pages of US Secrets Over 20 Years -- Sputnik

Tweet For Today

U.S. Wants An Explanation From The Philippine Government On Their Announcement Of A 'Separation' From Washington

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte (L) and Chinese President Xi Jinping shake hands after a signing ceremony held in Beijing, China October 20, 2016. REUTERS/Ng Han Guan/Pool

Reuters: U.S. to seek explanation of Duterte's comment on 'separation'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States will seek an explanation from the Philippines for President Rodrigo Duterte's announcement of a "separation" from Washington, the State Department said on Thursday, calling the remarks baffling and at odds with the two countries' close relationship.

Duterte said during a visit to China on Thursday that "America has lost" in military and economic ties with the Philippines and "I announce my separation from the United States."

"We are going to be seeking an explanation of exactly what the president meant when he talked about separation from the U.S.," said State Department spokesman John Kirby. "It's not clear to us exactly what that means in all its ramifications."

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Previous Post: Philippine President Duterte Says U.S. Has Lost. Will Align With China

WNU Editor: The Philippine President was very blunt .... and considering what China and Russia are offering him, not surprising. This is a pivotal moment in Asia .... everyone is now realising that the U.S. cannot match what China can offer, and in the case of the Philippines it is in the form of financial assistance, investments, loans, trade concessions, etc. .... U.S. has few good options for response to Philippines' Duterte (Reuters). As for President Obama's Asian pivot .... this is a nail in that coffin.

Picture Of The Day

(Click on Image to Enlarge)
Russian pilots conducted flight operations from the deck of the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier, pictured yesterday belching smoke, with the nuclear-powered Peter the Great guided missile cruiser shadowing in the background. Daily Mail